Holly Hughes, warm, friendly intuitive healer

I love seeing a person feel better. They quite literally glow or have a beautiful, serene expression after I work on them. I want people to know that happiness is an option and I can help.

I’m passionate about inspiring and connecting with people and helping them free themselves from past trauma, anger, and pain. I listen to you then honor and validate your experiences to help you find meaning, direction, and to feel good about yourself.

Areas I Help In

Relationship Difficulties

Dealing with toxic relationships.
Divorce, heartbreak, marriage repair, finding love.
Help move forward.
Shed fear.

Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Change destructive behavior patterns.
Have faith in yourself.
Live a more fulfilling life.
Tools to thrive.
Get to the root & heal guilt.

Transition Uncertainties

Handling career transitions,
job loss, job uncertainty, career indecision.
Life changes.
Help make honest choices.

Past Trauma, Anger, & Pain

Moving past anger.
Strategies for getting past
the pain, shame, and anger.
Self forgiveness.

Happiness Is An Option!

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