Aligning to Your Yes: Intuitive Healing & Sound Journey Meditation

Sunday, June 23 from 5-6pm
at Elemental Healing

How often do you feel a clear and confident YES ring through your body?

If you’re often plagued by indecisiveness and a lack of surety, it’s time to remember what YES feels like.

Yes is an unmistakable vibration that wells up from the core of your being. It is the result of being in alignment with your Highest Self—allowing your Truth to resonate throughout your entire physical body, pinging with perfect clarity.

When you pause to listen to the wisdom of your body & attune to whether it is telling you Yes or No, you can then live more authentically, intentionally, and in alignment with your Truth. This is the sacred intention of this hour-long healing workshop.

Join Intuitive Healer Holly Hughes and Katie & Josh of Zen Within Academy for:

OUR SOUND BATH AND HEALING event~Intuitively channeled energy healing to help you clear the blockages that stifle your inner-knowing

~Guided meditation activations to connect you to your Highest Self, tap into your personal Well of Wisdom, and experience what it feels like to embody your Yes

~And a live sound healing journey with music played on over 2 dozen instruments

By aligning with your Yes, you will live from a place of greater empowerment, healthier boundaries, and more fulfilling relationships.

Seating is limited to just 22 participants, so be sure to reserve your space early.



The person who asked, wanted to know if there was water involved  and couldn’t quite picture what was going to happen.

Nope No Water.

Here’s a great definition of a sound bath from Elemental Healing, where our event is taking place.
“Sound therapy, also known as vibrational medicine, is an ancient cultural practice that uses tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and drums that resonate for healing at a cellular level. Your organs, tissues, and cells all vibrate with their own frequency. Stress, anxiety, poor diet, and lack of movement impact their ability to function at optimal levels. Vibrations felt during sound therapy often promote relaxation, relieve pain, release blocked energy, and increase “chi” (energy).”

This is what I told the person.

Think of it as a long Shavasana.

Not sure what that is? It’s a yoga pose traditionally at the end of a class where a person lies comfortably on their back, closes their eyes, and relaxes taking in and appreciating all the hard work of their practice.


What to bring.

Please come! Bring a yoga mat, perhaps a pillow or blanket and anything you need to be comfortable for an hour. No need to meditate, or sweat or anything else before you arrive. All you have to do is be present.

Find the spot in the room that is most inviting to you, some people like being close to the instruments, others on the right, or by the door. Get situated and lay back and let us wash away stress and help you relax and enjoy the sound of gongs, singing bowls, etc while I move around the room and do energy work on each person. That means I walk around each person and feel what is going on with them energetically and share healing energy.

The event will be held at: Elemental Healing.

5200 Park Rd Ste. 200-C
Charlotte, NC 28209

Here’s the Facebook event link.

I hope to see you there!