5 weeks of CALLING YOUR MUSE with Holly Raychelle Hughes

Have you ever wondered what happened to the magic you felt when you originally came up with a story idea to write? Are you wondering where’s the muse? Or are you stressed to come up with an idea you want to explore and write?

This course is for you!

I’m super excited to announce the launch of my newest program dedicated to the creative individuals of the world. As an author of young adult fiction, nonfiction, and personal essays I know how glorious it feels when an idea pops into your mind and the awful feeling when the idea dissolves. Writers can feel as if the idea wasn’t good enough or doubt their own stories. This workshop is designed to invigorate your creative process.

During the weekly calls I’ll lead us through a guided meditation designed to open up your creative self. For those who know about chakras— we’ll be opening your third eye where creativity lives and your crown chakra so you can connect to your highest self and the muse that may have gone away.

After the mediation there will be writing exercises and prompts designed to get your creative juices and thoughts flowing.

This 5-week course will meet weekly on Wednesday evening at 7PM Eastern time. The call will be recorded on zoom and you will have access to each recorded call until one week after the program concludes.

Start date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 7PM Eastern.

Class dates:

Wednesday, October 16

Wednesday, October 23

Wednesday, October 30

Wednesday, November 6

Wednesday, November 13th

Cost per class: $55.

Total cost of program: $385

Did you know that creativity and intuition come from the same part of the mind? It’s true. As an intuitive healer and writer, I understand the dedication and work writing is. If I don’t write, I don’t feel whole. But there are times when words get lost and I stare at a blank page asking myself, “Do you even know how to write?”

CALLING YOUR MUSE is designed to shut self-doubt up and open the doors to your creative soul. I want words to flow and I want to support you as you share your stories with the world. The world needs your stories!

I will create a Facebook group so participants can share their experiences and support one another. I’ll also post links to the zoom calls. I am not an editor. This is a generative workshop. You don’t have to share any work with the group, although you may find a new critique partner or people to exchange your work with as a result of the experience. I will moderate the page. No disparaging language or hate speech will be tolerated.

This summer I co-hosted Ghosts, Haunts, and Haints a generative writing retreat in Charleston, South Carolina with New York Times bestselling author Nova Ren Suma and lead a group of writers through similar creative opening mediations and the results were magic.

A little more about me:

Holly Raychelle Hughes is an author, intuitive healer, and medium. Her essay It Happened To Me: An Oscar Winner Bullied Me So Badly I Quit The Film Industry went viral on, was picked up by Yahoo!,, The Daily Beast, and passed between Hollywood insiders in the Producers Guild of America, the Director’s Guild of America, and the Screen Actors Guild two years prior to the MeToo! Movement and is still being shared and written about today.

More of Holly’s essays appear on and Holly was selected to perform her own personal essay in the nationwide play Expressing Motherhood in Los Angeles. Holly contributed to My School Rocks magazine, her short stories appear in various publications, and she’s also a #Binder. She is the co-creator of Ghosts, Haunts, and Haints Writing Retreats.

When Holly isn’t writing she has an intuitive healing practice where she utilizes her intuitive gifts to help clients process past traumas, grief, and helps them transform their lives from chaos to empowerment. She holds quarterly workshops and teaches others how to tune into their own gifts. She was a featured guest speaker at SHiFT Charlotte 2019 and can be heard as a guest on Soul in the Raw podcast. Find her online as @hgirlla on Twitter holly_hughes_intuitive on Instagram, on Facebook, and

Please understand my work as your intuitive guide is to co-create a space where you can expand and tap into your creativity. My work includes hours of preparation. My regular sessions are $150/hour and $75/ half hour.


Cost per class: $55.

Total cost of program: $385

Early bird pay in full price: $350 must be paid by October 5, 2019 at 5PM Eastern.

Payment options:

You can pay as you go: $55 each class. (payment must be received one day prior to each workshop)

Payment accepted: Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal. If using PayPal additional fees will apply.

Email holly@hollyhughesintuitive.comto register.