Intuitive Healing Sessions

What to Expect During A Session With Me

I believe that happiness is an option for you and I’ll use my healing process to provide you with quick, tangible results to help you overcome the emotional turmoil associated with relationship difficulties, transition uncertainties, past trauma or self-sabotaging behavior.

During your session, we will have a conversation about what’s bothering or hurting you mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. You will have the freedom to share whatever is on your mind or what is not working for you.

My healing process combines counsel with intuition to quickly connect with you and to provide you with an intimate and personal experience designed to help you cope with your feelings and proactively solve your problems. You will come away from your session feeling validated, optimistic, peaceful, reassured, and happy.

My healing process involves moving old energy that doesn’t work for you to make room for the positive. I will shift energy that contributes to your unwanted feelings and unconscious habits that holds you back so you can achieve the happiness you deserve.

I emphasize: Happiness IS an option. Let me help you transform, rebuild, and evolve.

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Client’s Praise

Holly is amazing. Upon arrival, her big smile is automatically comforting. She listens and instead of telling me “it was ok” she helped me to correct my way of thinking turn my mindset positive in any situation. On the table: Holly assisted in teaching me to meditate and actually feel any negative thoughts or feelings about evens leave my body. I left not only feeling better but with skills to help me have a better outlook on any day.

~ LK
Holly is the real deal… she connected me with my father who passed when I was young. I’ve waited 27 years to have the experience Holly was able to give me. I’ve been to other psychics and tarot readers and nothing compared to my session with Holly. I can’t recommend her enough! We still keep in touch and I feel like she’s apart of my life now too! You won’t regret it!

~ MR
After years of therapy, I needed something different to help me through some life experiences. Meeting with Holly helps me see things in a different way! Our time together helps me find a new peace, and I always walk away with “homework” that I look forward to. I feel more connected to the world around me.

~ SB
I highly recommend Holly’s services. In fact, I’ve bought gift cards for my friends and family because of my own impactful experiences. Each one was blown away at the result of their session. She is incredibly gifted and has helped me in so many ways. After each session, I feel a sense of clarity, lighter, validated and more connected to my own intuition. I love the analogies she provides and her unique way of directly identifying what’s blocking or troubling you in order to help clear it. I guarantee that a session with Holly will turn out better than you could even imagine!

~ TM
If you’re looking for someone who will give it to you straight, who is down to earth, easy to open up to and relatable, Holly Hughes will be your perfect fit. When I initially looked into energy healing, I really didn’t know what to expect, just knew I wanted to feel better. I googled and she popped up along with two or three other people. I basically just reviewed her website and took a chance. Since working with her I’ve not only received some valuable insight and tools to work on my “stuff” but I have also been relieved of some very invasive abdominal pain I’ve struggled with for nine years. Her healing prayers have helped me noticeably reduce my prescription pain medicine and to digest food better. It’s been miraculous and I’m so grateful God put this angel in my path!!

~ TT