I know it’s been a while…

Hey there. It’s been a while, I know, I’m sorry. This summer was full of transition and changes for me. If you like, please follow me on IG. I post things directly there.

In the mean time…for those of you who have school age kids in the south- welcome back to school. To my Northern friends who still have another week- enjoy the last of the lazy days. My west coast peeps— I think most of your kids are back at school, too. It’s time for new routines and schedule changes. Don’t stress the small stuff. You got this!

I’ve been busy working on two non-fiction books. I hope to have something available for you to read and purchase by early next year.

Nova Ren Suma and I had the most ghost-tactic writers retreat in Charleston this summer and are gearing up to organize our next other worldly writers generative workshop in 2020.

I’ll be offering local energy and meditative events focused on tapping into your creativity. Details to come in October.

Be on the lookout for Shae African Arts dance conference in Charlotte Nov 1-3.

Always remember to show yourself kindness. Feel free to email or leave a comment if you have any questions or requests.